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Students must pass the entrance exam prior to enrolling in either certificate program. The exam is a written assessment of your language skills in English and Spanish. In particular, it tests your knowledge of vocabulary, reading comprehension, and spelling, including proper use of diacritics, e.g. accent marks in both languages, and assesses your ability to complete college-level coursework. Select courses may be taken prior to passing the entrance exam, however, admission to advanced courses and obtaining either certificate requires its successful completion.

Note: The exam is offered online during one scheduled Saturday each quarter.  The scheduled date is typically near the end of each quarter in December, March, June, and late August/early September. Online exam takers must know how to type accented characters in Spanish. Directions can be found at One paper Spanish/English dictionary is permitted.

Course Number: EXAM-80002
Credit: 0.00 unit(s)
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