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Learn the filmmaking skills you need – from scripting and storyboarding to editing and audio – to craft short films sharing the stories you want to tell.


Filmmaking is a powerful vehicle for making sense of our lives and sharing the stories we want to tell. Learn the skills you need, from scripting and storyboarding to editing and audio, to express your point of view through creation of short films.
We will start with an introduction to film theory and move on to the basics of video production, including composition, editing and audio. Students will consider the role stories play in our everyday lives and think about the stories they want to tell. Then, working in groups, students will storyboard, script, film and edit their own short films. Group members will switch roles throughout the week to gain exposure to various facets of filmmaking. We will watch rough cuts of each other’s work and offer constructive critiques. In addition to producing their own videos, students will watch and discuss a variety of short films.

What You Will Learn


Students in Elementary School: Filmmaking will:

  • Get an introduction to film theory and storytelling techniques
  • Become familiar with the language of filmmaking
  • Consider the role of films as cultural productions
  • Learn basic techniques of video production
  • Watch and analyze several short films
  • Learn to recognize elements in video-making and know how to use them to tell interesting stories
  • Practice brainstorming film ideas and storyboarding
  • Get an overview of composition techniques and learn to compose proper shots
  • Learn to use editing software to compose a film 
  • Work in groups to storyboard, script, shoot and edit their own short film
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Course Number: ART-90089
Credit: 1.50 unit(s)

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