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This course will provide the student with a practical and professional experience working closely with the instructor and conducting a team consulting project with a US organization involved in international business. This includes problem definition, locating and qualifying information resources, developing unique insights about the client’s industry and its present and future market directions. This course will apply the lessons you have learned through your UCSD Extension program courses and prior experience to make impactful recommendations for the client’s business.

This directed studies course provides students with an opportunity to meet with a professional US organization and interact with decision makers as part of the techniques that the students will learn for creating their own business insights into a company, market or industry.

Course Goals/ Learning Objectives
  • Learn and utilize professional techniques in a consultative setting with a local company or organization involved in international business.
  • Develop practical expertise in international business problem definition and resolution.
  • Learn to prepare for and conduct a live interview with a US organization to gain unique insights about the company, market and industry.
  • Learn international business vocabulary and understand international business resources.


Course Number: BUSA-40888
Credit: 2.00 unit(s)