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Assess the Maturity and Effectiveness of IT Organizations

Digital Transformation is essential for IT professionals utilizing technology to strengthen and advance their organizations. It includes the adoption of technology to enhance the business processes in the organization. This goes beyond technology implementation to impact the management, operation, resources, and even the customers of the organization.  

This course covers a framework for evaluating technologies such as the timely assessment and selection of applicable emerging technology, the cultivation of environments for successful implementation, and the measurement of their benefits. It includes an overview of several emerging and trending technologies as well, and their projected impact on related businesses and industries. It also includes an assessment of the companies’ capacities for change in this adoption of new technologies.

Course Highlights:

  • Digital Transformation
  • Changing Landscape of Technology
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Internet of Things
  • Cloud Computing
  • Cybersecurity
  • Technology Implementation Process and Lifecycle
  • IT Capacity Planning and Skill Management
  • IT Strategic Planning
  • Business Impact of Technology Implementation 

Course Benefits:

  • Create a lifecycle plan for Technology Evaluation, Selection, adoption, and retirement
  • Understand new emerging technology and their potential impact on business
    •  Artificial Intelligence
    • Blockchain
    • Internet of Things
    • Cybersecurity
    • Big Data
  • Select an agile methodology for evaluating technology considering investment and impact.
  • Implement a technological selection and adoption framework that is business centric.
  • Develop a long-term IT Vision for the Organization
  • Conduct a gap analysis between existing and future IT Vision
  • Develop a path to migrate from existing technology to match the IT vision.
  • Develop a practical IT Strategic Plan for the organization
  • Conduct an analysis of IT organizational capacity vs demand.

Course Typically Offered: Live Online during Spring and Fall quarters 

Prerequisites: BSc in Computer Science or related degree, or two years of experience in an IT field. 

Next steps: Upon completion of this class, consider enrolling in other courses in the Technology Leadership Certificate.

More information: Contact to learn more about Technology Leadership and course offerings.

Course Number: BUSA-41011
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)
Related Certificate Programs: Technology Leadership

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