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Deployment Automation is a practice that allows to ship code fully or semi-automatically across several stages of the development process - from initial development right through to production. It contributes to more efficient and reliable deployments.

In this course, students will learn how to install, configure, and integrate Jenkins and Terraform using their own AWS environment and GitHub accounts to provision two complete Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) to support a Blue and Green Deployment method. After each run, the Jenkins Project will have the ability to deploy an application in either Blue or Green Environments.

Course Highlights:

  • Introduction to Continuous Deployment
  • Configuration Management
  • Deployment Installation Scripts
  • Build Infrastructure-as-Code using Terraform and AWS
  • Blue and Green Automatic Deployments using Jenkins

Course Benefits:

  • Integrate Jenkins with Terraform to automatically provision AWS infrastructure as part of DevOps Pipelines
  • Create Declarative Pipelines to create Pipelines-as-Code and automatically run them from their Jenkins Server.
  • Configure Jenkins to automatically update the DNS Records and ELBs to automatically switch deployments withing Blue and Green Environments.
  • Provision an entire Blue and Green Deployment Environment in AWS automatically as part of DevOps Pipelines.

Software: AWS account  

Hardware (required): a personal computer that can run ubuntu app to deploy AWS resources.

Course Typically Offered: Online during Fall and Spring quarter 

Prerequisites: Knowledge of AWS Environment is desirable, but not required. Students should have knowledge of basic System Integration and Test methods, tools, and terms or have previously taken DevOps Continuous Integration and Continuous Testing course.

Next steps: Upon completion of this class, consider enrolling in other courses in the DevOps CI/CD Certificate.

More information: Contact to learn more about DevOps CI/CD and course offerings.


Course Number: CSE-41381
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)
Related Certificate Programs: DevOps CI/CD

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