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Continuous integration and continuous testing refer to the software release integration and testing stages. Every committed revision triggers an automated build, and that build is automatically tested.

In this course, students will learn how to create multiple-phase, multiple-jobs Projects that will include the executing of several independent GitHub Repositories, organized in multiple phases as a DevOps
Pipeline. They will be able to test builds automatically by executing a Manual Exploratory Testing, API Testing and Performance Testing for each build. Participants will be able to create Jenkins Project that includes two phases: The Packaging Phase and the Testing Phase.

At the end of this course, students will have several Pipeline-as-Code jobs running from Jenkins Server that will integrate with GitHub, Packer, JMeter, and Terraform to automatically build AMI Images, deploy EC2 instances with Terraform, and automatically test the application using JMeter.


Course Highlights:

  • Introduction to Continuous Integration
  • Implementing Continuous Integration
  • Configuration Management
  • Deployment Pipelines
  • Deployment Installation Scripts
  • Automatic Acceptance Test Using JMeter
  • Automating Non-Functional Test Using JMeter
  • Introduction to Infrastructure-as-Code

Course Benefits:

  • Install, configure, and integrate Jenkins, Terraform, JMeter and Packer using their own AWS environment and GitHub accounts.
  • Create Declarative Pipelines to create Pipelines as-Code and automatically run them from the Jenkins server
  • Create Jenkins multiple-phase, multiple-jobs Projects

Software: AWS account  

Hardware (required): a personal computer that can run ubuntu app to deploy AWS resources. 

Course Typically Offered: Online during Winter and Summer quarter  

Prerequisites: Knowledge of AWS Environment is desirable, but not required. Students should have knowledge of basic System Integration and Test methods, tools, and terms or have previously taken DevOps Introduction to Build Automation. 

Next steps: Upon completion of this class, consider enrolling in other courses in the DevOps CI/CD Certificate.

More information: Contact to learn more about DevOps CI/CD and course offerings.

Course Number: CSE-41380
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)
Related Certificate Programs: DevOps CI/CD

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