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The final component of the Specialized Certificate in College Counseling allows participants the opportunity to network with colleagues and apply their newly developed skills. Participants will engage in online discussions as well as research and develop a final project.

This course is intended for individuals who have completed the first two courses (Principles of College Counseling & College Counseling Strategies) in the UCSD Extension College Counseling Certificate Program. The goal of this last course in the certificate sequence is to allow students to apply their growing knowledge of college counseling in an extended, in-depth project designed to meet their own professional needs. Students are encouraged to be aware of the larger educational issues that impact their own work as a college counselor. It is hoped that students will continue to be involved in the college counseling profession in a serious manner and see themselves as influential and ethical practitioners who value research and best practices.

Note: This is the third required for Specialized Certificate in College Counseling. Principles of College Counseling is the first required course.  The second required course is College Counseling Strategies. Courses in this program may not be taken out of order.

You must register for this course with the Letter Grade Option. If you do not then you must retake the course at your own expense with the Letter Grade Option in order to be eligible for the certificate at the end of the program. Previously offered as EDUC 30132.

Course Number: EDUC-40132
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)
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