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Use of effective counseling skills enables counselors to communicate with clients effectively, deal with client resistance, and develop enhanced therapeutic relationships. The focus of this three-day workshop is on building productive and results-oriented counseling skills. Participants gain an understanding of the terms associated with basic and advanced counseling characteristics and the components of each, the phases of a counseling session, the limits of confidentiality, and the types of feedback and application of each. In addition, participants have the opportunity to practice counseling at both levels.

Note: Required for the Certificate in Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling. To receive credit toward CCAPP certification, enroll for a letter grade.

This course runs from April 29 - May 18, 2024, and is a combination of web-based online instruction and seven (7) live Zoom class meetings. The live Zoom class meetings are scheduled as follows: 

Monday, April 29, 6pm-7pm, 
Wednesday, May 1, 6pm-830pm, 
Saturday, May 4, 9am-12pm
Wednesday, May 8, 6pm-830pm,
Saturday, May 11, 9am-12pm
Wednesday, May 15, 6pm-830pm
Saturday, May 18, 9am-1030am

Pacific Standard Time.
Students must have a Zoom account to participate.

Becoming Naturally Therapeutic: A Return to the True Essence of Helping , 1st Edition
Author: Small; ISBN / ASIN: 9780553348002

Course Number: PSY-40374
Credit: 1.00 unit(s)
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