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Adobe Photoshop II: Intermediate
9 Weeks | $595 | Online

Advance your Adobe Photoshop skills in this intermediate-level course. Using your own photographs, you will learn to effectively perform many of the image enhancements that could previously be accomplished only in the darkroom. In this graphic design training course, efficiency techniques as well as color theory for print and screen will be explained, demonstrated and discussed. Your knowledge of Photoshop will also be expanded through the application of advanced techniques and will be communicated to you through a series of web-based sessions, with each session building upon knowledge and principles communicated in previous sessions. Course content will be presented in a logical, engaging manner with focus on practical applications of the information given.Topics include advanced selections, masks, retouching, adjustment layers, portrait enhancements, perspective effects, and camera RAW. 

What You Will Learn:

  • Advanced competency in utilization of layers and channels in digital imaging.
  • Advanced compositing and masking skills.
  • How to employ image manipulation techniques in photo and retouching of images.
  • Special effects in typography and imaging.
  • Image compositing utilizing color matching, lighting and adjustments.
  • Competency in combining imaging and typography in application.
  • How to create conceptual digital illustrations.

Quarters Offered: Fall, Winter, Spring | Online
Course Fee: $595
Prerequisite: Adobe Photoshop I: Introduction (ART-40311) or equivalent knowledge
Required Materials: Adobe Photoshop (Creative Cloud) and LinkedIn Learning, which will be used as a reference guide.
Note: Basic knowledge of Mac or Windows OS required. In-class students must bring a USB flash drive to class (minimum 8GB) or have a cloud storage subscription available.
Contact: For more information about this course, please email

Course Number: ART-40526
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)