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Steven W Lemanski

Steve Lemanski teaches Applied Design for Communicators, Technical Communication I, and Critical Thinking for Communicators for UC San Diego Extension's Technical Communication Certificate Program

Steve has worked as a professional writer, editor, and content strategist in the realms of marketing communications and technical communications for more than 20 years. He is now owner and managing editor of Human Factor Communications, LLC, where he helps clients re-design and fine-tune their internal and external multi-channel communications to better engage audiences and move them to action.
Early in his communications career, Steve worked in media production (radio, television, and newspaper), in Colorado and Arizona. He started writing and designing documentation for the information technology (IT) field when personal computers, the world wide web, and something called the help desk were brand new concepts. Since then, he has written, edited, and published high-tech marketing, product development, and corporate communications—both print and digital—for original equipment manufacturers, IT service providers, government agencies, and a large healthcare organization.
Steve believes everything he has done as a professional communicator in industry and the media has led him to an even more personally rewarding career as a postsecondary writing and communication instructor.