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Lincoln Smith
BS Biology

Lincoln Smith interviewed at medical schools across the country in two medical school application cycles, with two accompanying official administrations of the MCAT. He pursued programs that treated a specific type of quadraplegia in the first cycle, and those programs that studied cancer immunotherapy for his terminally ill father the second. He has taught and now prepares MCAT curriculum for pre-medicine students, passing his medical school application and MCAT knowledge on to aspiring medical professionals. Lincoln went on to teach the MCAT at a major Test Prep company for the next three years. Subsequent to this, he has continued to tutor the MCAT privately, with a spin off P98 CARS curriculum from his 98th percentile CARS section. He has a 97th percentile overall MCAT score. His MCAT classroom students see an average 5 point improvement within a month of working together, with some as high as 15 points between the first practice test to the second. 

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