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Elisabeth Swan

Elisabeth Swan is an accomplished Lean Six Sigma trainer, program designer, change leader and coach with over 25 years of experience. She has trained thousands of people, coached hundreds more and continues to help organizations complete hundreds of Lean Six Sigma projects each year. Improvement results range from cutting out minutes of wasted cycle time to saving millions of dollars in costs.
Swan has worked in a broad spectrum of industries and focused on a huge array of processes. Project work has included reducing workplace injuries in the hotel industry, reducing the time to open accounts in the financial industry, reducing the number of maintenance visits in telecommunications, reducing hospital readmissions and many more. A sampling of clients includes Amazon, Burt’s Bees, Charles Schwab, Cisco, Pfizer, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, United Health Group and many others.
Swan enjoys collaborating with clients and colleagues to build problem-solving cultures together. She focuses on working with people to overcome seemingly intractable organizational barriers. Her passion is sharing what she’s learned so others don’t have to struggle as much.
Swan is dedicated to making it easier for everyone everywhere to build their problem-solving muscles.

"I live for the moment when a student no longer needs me."
- Elisabeth Swan
Swan, Elisabeth