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Andrea Summers

Andi has over a decade of experience in leveraging learning and engagement to achieve breakthrough results.
She is a values-driven leader with strategic, operational, and tactical HR experience. Her areas of expertise include leadership development programming and facilitation, defining organizational mission, vision, and values, creative evaluation approaches for measuring impact, and organization/culture assessment and design. Currently the Chief People Officer for NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) and previously consulting in the healthcare space across private and public sectors.
An area of passion and distinct subject matter expertise for Andi is the creation, maintenance, and sustainability of remote or virtual communities. She has published articles on the topic in the International Journal of e-Collaboration as well as for Fast Co. and the American Management Association.
Committed to enabling change through emerging leaders and with a degree in nonprofit communication, Andi has served several organizations in a pro bono capacity, most notably acting as the Executive Director of the Board for My Kaleidoscope Project. 
Andi is known for her authentic leadership and genuine desire to invest in equitable, ethical, transformative causes and organizations.
Summers, Andrea

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