UC San Diego Extension partners with PharmaSUG to bridge academics and industry

Some people see data as just numbers and figures, but turning large amounts of information into knowledge you can use is imperative to business success.

As the leader in business analytics software, Statistical Analysis Systems (SAS) helps organizations access and transform large amounts of data into insights and facts that can be used in the discovery of new and exciting opportunities. The software has applications in a variety of industries, including research, project management, quality improvement, forecasting and decision-making.

Bridging academics and industry, UC San Diego Extension has partnered with the Pharmaceutical Industry SAS Users Group, PharmaSUG, to host a single-day event on October 21, 2016. PharmaSUG consists of professionals worldwide in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries who use SAS software in their work. The non-profit’s primary purpose is to provide a forum for the exchange of information and the promotion of new ideas concerning the use of SAS software as it relates to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.


PharmaSUG attracts the best SAS practitioners from around the country and allows participants – both professionals and students – to learn from industry experts on clinical analytic and health outcomes.

Rob Howard, CEO of Veridical Solutions, who also serves as an executive committee member of PharmaSUG and is a UC San Diego Extension instructor, said San Diego is a prime location to host this event because of its position as a leader in the health care and pharmaceutical industries.

“PharmaSUG wants to target hot areas of industry like the research triangle in North Carolina and here in San Diego because of its large presence in the pharmaceutical industry,” Howard said.

The growing utility of SAS has earned itself a top spot on the ‘must have’ list of skills for jobs across several fields, which translates into a high demand for SAS trained professionals.

UC San Diego Extension offers certificates in SAS programming and biostatistics, two fields in which statistical analysis is imperative to professional success. The SAS Programming certificate provides training for those seeking to gain a deep understanding of the powerful statistical language, and the industry neutral curriculum allows for students to apply knowledge to their field of interest. In addition, the Biostatistics certificate emphasizes the application of statistical techniques to the analysis of clinical data, which is important in such fields as medical imaging, ecological forecasting and statistical genetics.

“SAS has a global reach with broad applications, and this event will give students good exposure to the industry by interacting with sponsors and vendors,” said Howard.

Cindy Hanson, associate director of strategic initiatives and outreach at UC San Diego Extension, expressed the significance of UC San Diego Extension hosting this event.

“Many of our academic advisory board members and instructors are key players in PharmaSUG community, thereby reinforcing the need for Extension to provide a platform for this event,” she said. “We are honored that we could join forces with PharmaSUG by opening our campus for this worthwhile event.”

PharmaSUG single day event sign up http://www.pharmasug.org/sde/sd2016.html

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