The future of Cleantech: 'We're going back to the idea of learning from nature'


A monthly series of 20-minute conversations with UC San Diego Extension instructors

Topic: “The Promise of Cleantech: What’s Our Energy Future?”
Host: John Freeman
Guest: Jacques E. Chirazi, instructor, “Cleantech/Clean Energy”


An expert on biomimicry, the science that studies nature’s systems and then imitates those designs and processes to solve current real-world challenges, Jacques Chirazi serves as manager of the City of San Diego's Cleantech program. More than 200 companies are part of that innovation-minded coalition.

Chirazi regards San Diego as an emerging global hub for the latest in cleantech products, technologies and ideas.

Quotable: On what we can learn from biomimicry: “In San Diego, we have a very famous tree called the Torrey Pine. This tree lives in an area that’s very poor in water. … If you ever see a Torrey Pine, it has very long needles. The purpose of that is to have a greater surface area to capture the moisture in the air, for another source of water. … We’re going back to this idea of learning from nature.”

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