The Pulse: Suicide prevention expert 'pulls back the layers'


A monthly series of conversations on healthcare issues
  • Topic:Leading Edge Strategies in Suicide Prevention”

  • Host: Leslie Bruce, ‎Director, Healthcare Leadership and Community Outreach, UC San Diego Extension

  • Guest: Stan Collins, suicide prevention expert


Stan Collins, a nationally-known suicide prevention specialist, has spent the last 14 years educating more than 500,000 adults and youth about how they can help prevent suicide.

In 2001, he testified before a U.S. Senate Subcommittee on the topic of youth suicide. He currently works as a consultant to numerous organizations in the field, focusing on technical assistance in creation and implementation of suicide prevention curricula and strategies.
Quotable: “A lot of times when you hear reports of suicide in the media, it’s portrayed as this ‘inexplicable’ thing that happened, as with Robin Williams. No one could imagine why he could’ve done this. But when you pull back the layers a bit, you find out there was a history of substance abuse, possibly a mental illness diagnosis, also a possible diagnosis of a serious terminal illness.”

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