Julius Lam selected for Blue Shield of California Foundation's Emerging Leaders Program

Julius Lam

Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in The Leadership of Healthcare Organizations Graduate Julius Lam was recently selected by Blue Shield of California Foundation to participate in the seventh cohort of the Clinic leadership Institute’s (CLI) Emerging leaders program. The new class, made up of 29 professionals from community health centers across the state, will participate in an 18-month training program to advance their skills and ability to lead with California’s healthcare safety net. The program aims to prepare up-and-coming health professionals with the tools, networks, and guidance they need to not only advance their careers but expand and enhance the capacity and quality of care their health centers provide.

Launched in 2007, the emerging Leaders program engages participants in interactive and instructive activities focused on strategic thinking, financial management, health policy, and other essential leadership skills. Since the program’s inception, CLI has trained more than 130 emerging leaders. The program is administered by the Center for the Health Professions at the University of California, San Francisco.

1. What prompted you to apply for this Leadership Training program?
“Participating in Blue Shield of California Foundation’s Clinic Leadership Institute Emerging Leaders Program (CLI) is a priceless opportunity. I believe the CLI program is truly the optimal setting for fostering the growth of future healthcare leaders. Additionally, as an early careerist, the CLI program provided the perfect opportunity for me to take the next step in advancing my career and personal development.”

2. What did you have to complete for the application process?
“The application process involves three phases. In phase one, candidates complete and submit an online application. In phase two, selected semi-finalists undergo in person interviews with alumni and advisors. In the final phase, finalists are then selected and notified. Approximately twenty-five applicants are selected to participate in the program each year.”

3. Over the 18 month training program is it full time or part time? How many days a week and how many hours? Where does this training take place? In one location, in multiple locations? (I noticed the people selected are from all over California.) Is each person assigned to a specific location? Do you come together as a group only some of the time?
“The CLI program is an 18 month part-time program. Participants come together throughout the year, in various cities in California, for seminars which focus on building leadership and management skills. Additionally, participants are expected to spend an average of three hours per week on further study and learning experiences."

4. Please give me some detail about what you will be doing and learning throughout the program?
“The CLI programs curriculum is administered by the Center for the Health Professions at University of California San Francisco. The program focuses on core leadership competencies and skills are built in areas such as: decision-making, financial management, and strategic planning. Additionally, each participant is immersed in a variety of learning settings including: seminars, inter-sessions, role plays, simulations, organizational projects, psychometric tests, 360-degree and peer feedback, case studies, and executive coaching. The program is designed so that learning is continuous and new goals are set throughout the experience.”

5. I assume you get paid to participate?
“Participants of CLI are not paid. Blue Shield of California Foundation sponsors each participant of CLI. The sponsorship of Blue Shield of California Foundation covers all costs associated with participating in CLI including: meals, accommodations, transportation, airfare, and educational materials.”

6. What happens at the end of the fellowship?
“The goal of CLI is to build the next generation of safety net providers and leaders. At the end of the program, participants are expected to have gained the skills and expertise to accomplish this objective. Additionally, the new skills we gain from this program will enable us to make an even bigger positive impact on our organizations, our patients, and the communities we serve.”

—By Jan Keane, Marketing Manager for the MAS in The Leadership of Healthcare Organizations MAS Degree Program.

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