Professional certificates leave married couple doubly enriched

Earning their UC San Diego Extension professional certificates has enriched the lives of Laurel and Lowell Anderson, but for different reasons.

Student Profiles:
Lowell Anderson, Certificate in Paralegal
Laurel Anderson, Certificate in Professional Education

Unlike her husband, Laurel has always pursued higher education. Now a Palomar College professor of child development, she has a total of four undergraduate and graduate college degrees.

But it’s her Certificate in Professional Education, which she earned last year at UC San Diego Extension, that reaffirmed her passion for learning and teaching – and changed the couple’s life together.

“For me, getting my certificate has been helpful, but I can honestly say that Lowell’s life has truly been transformed since he earned his,” she says. “He’s really enjoying his new life’s journey.”

Lowell had spent more than two decades as a business manager, including 15 years in the motorsports industry. Some two years ago, his position was eliminated.

“I felt really trapped,” he said. “The only thing I thought I was good at doing, was working in an industry that took a heavy hit from the economy. I had no idea what to do next, until Laurel suggested that I look into (UC San Diego Extension’s) paralegal program.”

Not only did Lowell earn his certificate, a short time later he landed an internship with the County of San Diego’s Office of Public Defenders in Vista, near the couple’s Escondido home.

Meanwhile, he’s close to completing his business administration degree at Cal State San Marcos.

“I have options now, without all the stress I had before,” said Lowell. “It’s a hard thing to do at my age, taking on something new, erasing fears and overcoming challenges. But thanks to Laurel, I’m doing it.”

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