Quiz: Is my career right for me?

By Will Marré

Research confirms that your career is the cornerstone of your personal well-being. Yet sadly less than two in ten people are fully engaged with their work.

Take this short, 10-question quiz to see if your career is right for you.

Discover where to invest your time and energy to attain your best future.



  1. Do you find yourself looking forward to going to work?
     Yes, frequently
     No or very rarely

  2. Do you consistently engage yourself in new activities that make your work more fulfilling and enjoyable?
     Yes, every week or every other week
     No or very rarely

  3. Do you work with good friends that you trust and encourage you?
     Yes
     No, not really

  4. Are you actively developing your strengths and talents to get more out of work and life?
     Yes, consistently
     No

  5. Do you have a low stress work style that is enjoyable in terms of its pace, variety, and growth?
     Yes, usually
     No, rarely

  6. Do you usually have high energy and feel fit and healthy?
     Yes, usually
     No, not as often as I’d like

  7. Are you in a highly satisfying relationship with your boss that makes you feel valued and affirmed?
     Yes
     No

  8. Are you frequently coming up with and taking action on new, creative ideas to make both your work and your life better?
     Yes, frequently
     No, rarely

  1. Are you clear that the career you’re investing yourself in is the right one for you?
     Yes, I am clear and happy
     No, I often wonder about it

  2. Do you have an excellent coach or expert friend that helps you make great decisions about your work and your life?
     Yes, I talk to him/her every week
     No, I try to figure it out on my own

# No
# Yes

This quiz is based on the forces of the new science of Life Harmony, which studies human thriving when our careers, relationships, and lifestyle are aligned.

Understanding Your Score

  • If your Yes score is 9 or above: Congratulations. You are in the top 10% of people who are thriving in their work and consistently taking action to keep their life progressing in a fulfilling and rewarding direction. Why you should take the class: As a hungry learner your thirst for development will be maximized by the quick and efficient tips, techniques, and insights you will receive over three fast paced sessions. And you will likely enjoy encouraging and inspiring others to achieve what you’re achieving.

  • If your Yes score is 7 or 8: Be encouraged. You are very close to having self-inspiring career. Your score means you have a lot of things right and just a series of small, consistent changes may add up to a big change in how you feel about your career. Your score may reveal a certain area you can focus on that the new skills and science based know-how that you will learn from the course will help you conquer. You are close. Join us.

  • If your Yes score is 6 or below: You are a member of a very big club of the vast majority of people who are suffering every day with stress and uncertainty wondering what to do. Our “Reboot” course is designed to free you from the little, invisible mistakes you are likely making and give you the power to change your work, improve your performance, and remodel your career into a more fulfilling, and enjoyable one virtually every day. Our Career Center is a growing community of people just like you that are making positive, life-fulfilling changes every day. There will never be a better time to free yourself from whatever is in your way.

willmarre.jpgWill Marré is the co-founder and former president of the Covey Leadership Center where he translated the concepts of "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" into powerful leadership courses taught to millions of executives worldwide. Today, Marré is an evangelist of socially strategic enterprise that transforms corporate social responsibility into corporate social opportunity. Marré is founder and CEO of ThoughtRocket, a learning community systematically designed to center your life around your personal purpose so that you have enriching work, fulfilling relationships and a lifestyle of full engagement. Read more about Will Marré.

Workshops, assessments, coaching and online careers resources are available at extension.ucsd.edu.

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