Extension Program Manager Awarded Exemplary Staff Employee of the Year

By Stephanie Stevens

UC San Diego is an exceptional place that attracts exceptional people. Every year, the university recognizes staff who make outstanding contributions to the UC San Diego and San Diego communities in support of creating a "student-centered, research-focused, service-oriented public university" with the Exemplary Staff Employee of the Year Award. This year, among ten total recipients, was UC San Diego Extension staff member, Roxann Bedia.
A program manager with UC San Diego Extension, Ms. Bedia has been a dedicated and innovative contributor. Morgan Appel, Assistant Dean of Education and Community Outreach for UC San Diego Extension, shared his reasons for nominating her for the award. "Over the past decade, Roxann's steadfast sense of purpose and deep commitment to our mission as a service-oriented research university are only overshadowed by a tireless devotion to the department, Extension and to her colleagues. She propels us forward with esprit de corps and enthusiasm, illuminating educational pathways for our students, candidates and community partners."
Please join us in congratulating Ms. Bedia for her noteworthy accomplishments and contributions to the University of California and the San Diego community.

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