Five great videos shot only on iPhones

By Tristan Loper


Video cameras are everywhere these days—and no, I don’t mean the kind that monitor your every move (though they’re everywhere too).

I’m talking about the ones that fit in your pocket. More people than ever own smartphones, and more smartphones than ever come with sophisticated video capabilities.

In the past, videos shot on cell phones tended to be grainy, too low-res, or too out of focus, making them only really useful for documenting cat antics. Today’s smartphones are different: for example, when the iPhone 4S came out, people sincerely compared its video quality to that of a $2,400 Canon SLR.

It should come as no surprise, then, that smartphone videography has moved into a whole new frontier. Cell phone filmmakers are now making documentaries, short films, music videos, and more. With the advent of apps, people are even doing the editing in-phone!

This summer, learn video production that embraces the smartphone phenomenon while still covering the basics of Adobe Premiere. Students have to bring their own equipment—but for those who don’t have a fancy cameras, smartphones are welcome. Led by San Diego filmmaker extraordinaire Jodi Cilley, Video I runs from June 25 to August 27.

To see just what smartphones—and you—can do, check out these five cool videos that were shot entirely on iPhones.


A video shot on the iPhone 4S from Benjamin Dowie on Vimeo.


Shot just after the iPhone 4S came out, film maker/photographer Benjamin Dowie took it for a test-spin. This video shows its full range of video capabilities—from picture quality, to depth of field, to simply capturing smooth motion.


iPhone 4S / Canon 5d MKII Side by Side Comparison from Rgrain on Vimeo.


This video compares the $549 iPhone 4S camera to a that of a $2,400 Canon SLR, with surprising results.


Framed - an iphone 4S short story from Mael Sevestre on Vimeo.

A photographer walks around the woods to take some pictures—then something unexpected happens. Shot on the iPhone 4S.



Music video for “Live in Your Light” by R. Vaughn. According to the creators of this video, “No budget? No problem. We have an iPhone 4.”


Goldilocks - the iPhone 4 Mobile Series [Episode 1 - "Meet Locks"] from Majek Pictures on Vimeo.

This “episodic mobile action series” featured in the New York Times, Majek Pictures’ “Goldilocks” was shot entirely on an iPhone 4 and iPod Touch. Film students even used the iPhone 4 to produce and distribute TV series. Want to know what happens after Goldilocks is kidnapped? You’ll have to subscribe to the series.

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