5 At-Home STEM Projects for Kids and Adults

By Suzanne Reyes

As a way to make time at home more educational, parents are steering children away from recreational media such as video games, YouTube, Netflix and Hulu and leaning towards educational yet fun projects that children – and parents – can enjoy. We have a collection of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) projects for you to try at home.

Ages: 2-10

This project is hands-on and designed to spark curiosity about the weather, the water cycle and how clouds form. Make it applicable to kids by tying it to real-life weather and looking outside for clouds. Plus, you will likely already have all of the items needed for it at home: a jar, hot water, ice, and hairspray. 

Baking Soda v Baking Powder Experiment
Ages: 4-10

This one is an oldie, but a goodie for young children. Though baking soda and baking powder look similar, they create entirely different chemical reactions. Open a chemistry discussion about pH levels by experimenting with different levels of acids and bases. You can create a kitchen science volcano eruption or make some baked goods to explain why the difference in reaction is so important.

Why Does Water Rise? Experiment
Ages: 4-8

Combine science with technology in this fascinating experiment that looks like magic by demonstrating what happens to fire as it runs out of oxygen. This experiment demonstrates air pressure by showing how a rapid change in temperature can create a vacuum by altering the air pressure inside the jar. 

This STEAM experiment requires adult supervision and some everyday household items such as a candle, a jar, a lighter and water. Adaptations like changing the amount of water, size of candle or jar offer many ways to change the dimensions of this project and track results over time. If you have a curious scientist on your hands, it can keep them occupied for hours. 

Three Tower Types Challenge
Ages: 11-15

This challenge incites the engineer's mind by implementing some research, construction, and testing of a sculpture made at home. The goal? To hold an egg (or for less mess, a golf ball) one foot high for 15 seconds. This takes some brainstorming and thoughtful planning within tower design and construction, making this an inspiring and fulfilling project once complete.

Online Computer Programming Courses
Ages: 14-18

UC San Diego Extension offers Program Your Future. There are online courses in coding such as HTML and Javascript available year-round. One of the objectives is to inspire students to pursue careers in programming. Students can get a headstart on college preparation or jump right into an internship or career with a certificate of completion.

Productivity Tip: Keep kids on track by developing an at-home learning schedule. There are free, at-home resources for STEAM projects for kids of all ages at KiwiCo, academic activities through Khan Academy Kids, or you can play educational games such as Apples to Apples to help balance school and home life.

Keep the momentum going in the summer with our Sally Ride Science Junior Academy Summer Programs. Created for students entering 4th-12th grade, kids participate in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math programs. Led by top-notch STEAM instructors, this is a program made for the future astronauts, biologists or chemists of the world. 

Learn more about our programs on the Sally Ride Science website


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