Getting a Taste for Brewing

By Stephanie Stevens

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With more than 3 million barrels of craft beer produced per year by 900-plus breweries, California is rising in the ranks as a national powerhouse for beer. And San Diego County—with 150-plus breweries and more on the way—is dominating the market.
When the UC San Diego Extension Brewing certificate was initially offered, courses were available exclusively to students in the program to give them their best experience. Now that the industry and the brewing program are more established, select courses are open to the public. Here are some recommendations for your consideration!
For the foodies
Don’t know the difference between a hefeweizen and a dunkelweizen? Need to know what brew to serve with steak or sushi? Food Pairings and Beer Dinners will refine your palate through sensory development. Flavor Attributes of Beer and Food takes it a step further, providing a technical, chemistry-based lesson in taste and smell that will change the way you think about eating and drinking. Both courses are taught by author, instructor and quality assurance expert, Gwen Conley, who’s a veteran judge at the World Beer Cup and the Great American Beer Festival.
For the homebrewers
Are you an enthusiastic homebrewer who’s looking to expand your skill set and create unique beers with sophisticated flavor profiles? Learn how to obtain ingredients, measure for batch sizing, and, most importantly, the proper techniques to achieve the flavors you want in Brewing Recipe Formulation. Or, perhaps, you want to step it up? Check out the Barrel Aging course, where you can take artisan brewing to a distinctive level of complexity and refinement.
For industry professionals
If you’re looking to get into the brewing industry or want to work on the business side of the house, check out Brewery Operations and Financial Management. Students learn the key aspects of brewing operations and financial management, including equipment maintenance management, production control, productivity analysis and cost control, financial projections, and explore the tools and resources necessary to create a business plan for potential investors. We’re also offering Brewery Safety with safety and health industry expert Dan Drown, to help brewers learn how to recognize hazards and control the risks in the workplace, whether you’re working in the brewhouse, cellar, packaging, warehousing, equipment maintenance, or the tasting/tap room.


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