By Design: User Experience (UX) Trends

User experience, or UX, can make or break a design. What used to be an afterthought is now a main component in rolling out a product because of UX designers who work with the user in mind. Here, Extension instructor Donna Sandsmark talks trends in this growing industry. 


Customers are always looking for a way to make their lives easier. UX designers can help with that by shaving time off interactions by enabling devices, websites or apps to remember and automatically fill in the user’s information or location. That also includes ramped up security to keep that user’s information safe. There’s a risk associated with convenience, but the reward is higher.


Designers are moving beyond just referring to a user by name. New websites, apps and other products are becoming more social. They can tailor ads and other information to each individual person and make recommendations as to what that person might like. Personalized social engagement is a large part of what makes a great user experience.


Information drives decision-making when it comes to user experience. Data becomes actionable. Pieces of information, like the number of people visiting a website or where they’re clicking, can be used to find new ways to increase profit. Targeted data collection that can lead to an improved user experience and a tangible return on investment will continue to be a hot topic as UX design progresses.

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vidya k
The UX trend that is making the news is the rise of UX writing. UX writing has unfolded into a specialist role of its own. With the likes of Facebook, Google and Amazon already having a designated UX writer in their teams.
8/30/2019 2:23:38 AM

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