Managing your UC San Diego Extension tuition: Four things you need to know

By Kristen Gross

student.jpgThere are many reasons to choose UC San Diego Extension. Our instructors, resources, facilities and flexible scheduling options will help you take your education to the next level. No matter what path you choose, there is plenty of excitement ahead, but perhaps you also feel a little daunted. The best way to ease stress and anxiety is to make a plan to move forward. This should include how best to manage your tuition. Here are four things you need to know:

Your employer might help

Many forward-thinking employers see your continued education as an asset and have programs in place to help you pursue your studies. Be sure to check with your workplace to see if they offer financial assistance. Most often, you will need to know the amount of your tuition, the total amount for fees and books, and how many classes you plan to take. Some employers might ask for a cost of attendance letter on official school letterhead—Student Services would be pleased to provide this upon request.

Yes! You could be selected for a scholarship

Though very competitive, there are a small number of scholarship opportunities available to current and prospective UC San Diego Extension students in select program areas. These include the Karl Strauss Brewing Scholarship and the Legler Benbough Biofuels Scholarship. The UC Alumni "Change the World" Scholarship is offered quarterly to students who received their bachelor’s or graduate degree from any UC campus. This merit-based scholarship is valued at $5,500—enough to cover the cost of one certificate. Learn more.

You may qualify for a private student loan

Although UC San Diego Extension students do not qualify for Federal Student Assistance, you may apply for private student loans through UC-approved lenders. The approval process is strictly between the student and the lender. Once your loan is approved, the lender sends a notification to school officials. In order for loans to be certified, a student must be enrolled in at least one course and a certificate program. We understand this can be a financial strain, but some students pay for these expenses out-of-pocket and are then reimbursed with the approved loan. We always encourage students to consult with their personal banks or pursue other funding alternatives before taking out a loan. Learn more.

Although you’re still in school, student loan payment deferrals are not automatic

When you complete a B.A. or M.A. program, most lenders offer a six-month grace period before loan repayments come due. If you have been making payments and would like to have student loans deferred, please check the qualifications for in-school deferments. While you may qualify to defer your first repayments until after you complete your UC San Diego Extension certificate, there is no automatic system to let lenders know you’re still enrolled and therefore don’t need to begin payments. Please contact our student affairs coordinator at UC San Diego Extension to complete and sign the proper in-school deferment forms. These are done on a quarterly basis. That means, for a year-long program, you must complete these documents three to four times a year, and have them ready before set deadlines.

Still have questions?

Learn more about financial assistance at UC San Diego Extension—including more details on the loan process—when you visit You may also contact Student Services by calling (858) 534-3400, emailing, or stopping by one of our locations.

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