UC San Diego International Student Profile: Teresa Seitle

My name is Teresa. I’m 24-years-old, from Munich, Germany. I am very outgoing, communicative, and love getting to know new people. I also like to discover new cultures and places.

What drew you to San Diego when you were thinking of studying here for the University Professional Studies (UPS) program?
I have always heard about San Diego: America’s finest city and that UC San Diego is a very good university.  Also, UC San Diego is a partner of my university in Germany, so the University and Professional Studies program was the perfect opportunity for me to combine living in this beautiful city and studying at an excellent university.

What are you studying in your home country?
I’m currently earning my Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Marketing.

Why did you apply for an internship at UC San Diego Extension? What are your intern duties and what do you want to accomplish from your internship?
At the end of my semester I didn’t want to leave San Diego and I really liked the environment at UC San Diego. I applied for a marketing internship at UC San Diego Extension and luckily, it worked out! My main responsibility is updating the International Programs social media sites. I take and post a lot of pictures in San Diego of different places, and of our students during events and on trips in San Diego. I want to work in marketing field in the future, so I am getting a great insight of working in this business.

Why did you go into the profession that you did?
I did an internship in the Marketing Department at Porsche in Germany while I was still in high school. I wasn’t sure at the time what I wanted to do, but since I had a lot of fun during the internship, I decided to study marketing. I really like what I do, and I am happy I took this degree program.

What was your most memorable moment that made you feel at home in San Diego?
One time I showed an American friend traditional German food at Kaiserhof (a German restaurant) in Ocean Beach. It was very new and different for him and a lot of fun for me to show him something from my home and culture.  The good friends I’ve made in San Diego and our memories we share together, make me feel at home too.

What are some of your favorite restaurants and things to do in San Diego?
I really like the tacos and nachos at El Prez and the sushi at Sushi Kuchi in Pacific Beach. Isola in Little Italy has awesome pasta, and for Pizza I like going to Woodstock’s Pizza in PB or to Eno Pizza which is at the Hotel del Coronado. I enjoy going to the Farmers Market in Ocean Beach on Wednesdays, but I also like just going to the beach, watching the sunset at Mount Soledad, and meeting friends at the bars in PB.

What do you want to do in San Diego that you haven’t done yet?
Jet skiing when it gets warmer outside.

What’s one thing that surprised you about San Diego?
The people here are very friendly and just come up and talk to you. I haven’t seen that anywhere else I’ve been.


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