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Nearly every enterprise in the world is now (or soon will be) engaging in some form of cloud computing.

And while this rapid expansion is a billion-dollar boon to the global economy, it has resulted in a significant skills gap in the current workforce and created a shortage of qualified cloud professionals.

When it comes to the cloud computing space, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the leader of the pack. As a result of this market domination, demand for AWS skills has skyrocketed as more and more companies look to the cloud for computing solutions.

"With the proliferation of cloud-first strategies, cloud certifications have become in high demand,” said AWS-certified instructor Ricardo Fitipaldi, a security analyst at San Diego State University.

“AWS certification will assure prospective employers that you have the skills and knowledge to design, deploy, and manage cloud services and applications," he added.

UC San Diego Extension was the region’s first AWS Academy member. This status is reserved for higher education institutions committed to helping students develop in-demand cloud computing expertise and prepare them for industry-recognized AWS Certification.

UC San Diego Extension now offers an AWS-sanctioned course in Cloud Computer Architecture.

The course will be taught by AWS Academy-certified instructors Fitipaldi and Ernest Watson, IT manager, Z3 systems analyst at San Diego State University.

The course will give students an understanding of cloud-based business and technical tools, and include practical hands-on experience solving real-world cloud computing problems.  

The tools acquired during the course can be used to help manage a business’ IT infrastructure and provide an understanding of how this cloud platform can help a company meet compliance, governance and regulatory requirements.

The curriculum will cover topics ranging from security and databases to migration and management tools and will be taught through instructor-led classes, hands-on labs and project work.

Course participants will receive an electronic student kit that includes course manuals and knowledge assessments as well as an AWS certification practice exam and a 50 percent discount voucher for taking the rigorous AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Associate certification exam.

For more information or to register for the upcoming AWS cloud computing architecture course, email the department at or visit the course page.

UC San Diego Extension
Hi Soum! While we offer a number of courses and programs that involve cloud computing, UCSD Extension does not offer degrees, but certificates and certifications. UC San Diego's Computer Science & Engineering department does though! You can find more information at We wish you all the best!
3/7/2022 11:48:37 AM

Soumyendu Choudhury
I have Master Degree on Computer Information Systems from Boston University....Currently working @Oracle America Inc...I want to know the Masters program on Cloud Computing.

2/26/2022 9:29:06 PM

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