Computer engineer earns two Extension certificates: 'I like to perform at a high level'

Jeffrey High was busy in 2012, earning two UC San Diego Extension certificates related to advanced computer engineering — one in Embedded Computer Engineering, another in C/C++ Programming.

Of course, he’s always busy doing something to keep himself energized.

“I like to achieve things, so I want to continue to learn,” said High, an embedded software engineer at Qualcomm. “I’m very focused and very interested in achieving certain goals to reach a high level of proficiency.”

He credits his certificate program, at least in part, with his recent successful move from a smaller computer-based firm to Qualcomm.

“I write code in the C/C++ program, so I had some knowledge of those languages,” he said. “To change jobs, I wanted to learn certain skill sets. Taking those courses definitely helped, but I didn’t have to start from scratch.”

Point is, these sophisticated programs aren’t meant for beginners.

“If someone just took these courses with no previous experience, I don’t think they could do what I do” at Qualcomm, he said.

“I’ve always had the ability to solve problems, to make things function better,” he said. “Like with a tablet, when there are problems, I enjoy the challenge trying to figure out a solution. Not everyone can do that.”

A 2006 electrical engineering graduate of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, High was an outstanding lacrosse player in the school’s nationally-ranked club program. He was rookie of the year as a freshman and team captain as a junior, playing the “attack” position, which meant he scored most of his team’s goals.

“In everything I do,” he said, “I like to perform at a high level.”

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