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Develop practical skills in video, editing, and audio software for your current or future career. Techniques taught in our video and editing courses are especially applicable for students with careers or interest in film, marketing, production, and social media. Get training in video production and editing, DSLR video capture, digital audio, motion graphics and software technologies to create compelling video, trailers, titles, graphics and quality sound. Students looking to learn about editing and production for their personal development are also welcome in our program and can benefit from our talented instructors. The instructors for our Video & Editing program are industry professionals with significant experience using and teaching the software, which include Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, and Final Cut Pro X. 
The individual Video & Editing courses allow students to select techniques and software that directly contribute to their personal and professional goals. This is not a certificate program, so students do not have to pay a certificate fee to participate in our courses.

How much does the program cost?

  • Tuition cost: $395-$495 per class 

Course tuition is paid as you enroll in each course. No upfront fees must be paid in advance. 

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