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Review the IBC2006/CBC2007 provisions that apply to the structural/seismic analysis of buildings and structures. Instruction covers examples of structural engineering problems found on the PE exam and offers pertinent testing strategies. This review is open to all individuals, whether or not they plan to take the PE exam.

Note: Early Enrollment STRONGLY RECOMMENDED. Please enroll by week two of quarter. If minimum enrollment is not reached by week two, course will be cancelled.

The PE Civil Review and PE Seismic Review will run consecutively during Summer quarter to accommodate students preparing to take both the PE Civil and PE Seismic NCEES exams in one exam period. Students that want to take both reviews may enroll in each class separately. Enrollment in both courses is not required.

This class is typicaly scheduled to be offered once a year, during summer quarter.

Course Number: AMES-80005
Credit: 0.00 unit(s)