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Success as a modern professional requires a skill as old as human civilization, storytelling. Storytelling is the ability to paint a picture with your words to engage, persuade or even challenge your audience. But storytelling is not simply speaking, it is having a message and a plan to deliver that message to an audience in an engaging manner. 
In this course students will learn an array of techniques to engage the audience as well as core skills of successful presentations, such as projection, effective pausing, vocal variety, posture, eye contact and effective use of hand motions. 
Students will also learn how to positively critique themselves and their classmates to hone their abilities. This course will provide a positive and constructive learning environment to practice these skills so that at the end of the course students feel more comfortable deploying their newly honed ability in the professional world.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Clearly present your ideas using an array of techniques
  • Understand the best preparation style for you
  • Be able to objectively critique yourself and others and provide constructive feedback
  • Demonstrate effective use of visual aids
  •  Construct your presentation with the perspective of your audience in mind
  • A clear understanding of your strengths and areas of growth as a speaker
  • The ability to persuade our audience using stories and data

Course Number: BUSA-40988
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)
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