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This advanced-beginner course engages participants in an animated learning environment, geared toward those who desire to more effectively and confidently express themselves in Spanish by improving their conversational skills. The course focuses on refining speaking and listening skills and reading comprehension. Students participate in cultural discussions based on a selection of Spanish language materials, which may include news articles, literature, essays, websites and visual media. While focusing on developing their communicative skills and building oral fluency, participants also increase vocabulary, strengthen reading comprehension, and broaden awareness of contemporary Hispanic culture. Although this highly interactive course is mainly conversational, a brief review of grammar structures is also covered. Conducted entirely in Spanish, the course is intended for students with an advanced-beginner or low-intermediate proficiency level in Spanish.

Note: recommended prerequisite: "Spanish for Communication III", or the equivalent. Course does NOT count towards the Professional Certificate in Spanish Language.

Course Number: LASP-40153
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)