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Verification and validation processes and assessments.

Verification and validation are deemed essential from the standpoint of communication, legal approval, and product placement.

Participants in this course are exposed to test procedures and methodology, verification and validation processes and assessments related to the safety-related systems design. In the practical part of the course, students will be able to create a test plan for the safety-relevant area and coordinate it with the overall project management plan. They will learn in depth the test selection procedures and available methods of automated test design. Safety requirements will be expressed in models with the adequate selection of tools and methods to adapt a test process to the conditions of a safety-critical project/product. Using test reports as evidence, students will integrate the test results into the safety case.

Course Highlights:

  • Basics of Testing and Quality Control
  • Lifecycle Testing
  • Test Management, methods, reporting and tools.
  • Testing in accordance with safety standards
  • Testing in the safety-related area
  • Test automation

Course Benefits:

  • Create and coordinate a test plan
  • Become aware of test selection procedures and automated test design methods
  • Define model-based safety requirements
  • Select appropriate tools and methods to adapt a test process to the conditions of a safety-critical project
  • Use test reports as evidence of the integration of the test results into the safety case

Course Typically Offered: Live Online during Fall, Spring and Summer quarter 

Prerequisites:  Students should have basic engineering knowledge in either one of the following disciplines: electrical engineering, computer engineering, or mechanical engineering. Have taken previously Systems, Functions and Safety, Automotive Functional Safety Standards, and Automotive Functional Safety Design or equivalent experience.

Hardware (required): Computer with Internet connection, working speakers and microphone.

Next steps:  Upon completion of this course, consider taking other courses in the Functional Safety Engineering For Automotive Certificate

More information: Contact to learn more about Functional Safety Fundamentals For Automotive and course offerings.

Course Number: EE-40192
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)
Related Certificate Programs: Functional Safety Engineering for Automotive

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