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Gain an introduction to the key concepts of physics as they relate to the physical world around us. This course covers forces and motion, heat, fluids, conservation laws, vibrations and waves, electricity and magnetism, and sound and light. This non-calculus based course is designed for individuals interested in this topic as well as those pursuing Clinical Laboratory Scientist training programs and professions in the health or life sciences.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the fundamental laws and concepts of physics.
  • Know how to apply principles of physics to solve textbook and real-world problems, including both qualitative and quantitative problems.
  • Use multiple representations (words, graphs, drawings, equations) of a physical situation and understand the relationships among them.
  • Relate mathematical concepts to their physical meaning and construct mathematical representations of physical concepts.
  • Design, execute, analyze, and explain a scientific experiment to test a hypothesis.

Course Format:  Online
Course Length:  11 weeks


Course Number: PHYS-40021
Credit: 4.50 unit(s)

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