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Music Theory 101

9 weeks | $315 | Live Online

A basic knowledge of music theory is one of the most important tools a musician can have, whether you play an instrument or want to compose your own music. This class for beginners will provide an introduction to the fundamentals of music.
Using a series of simple exercises, we will begin with how to read music: pitch, clefs, note values and rhythm (simple and complex); and progress to more complex subjects such as: major and minor scales, key signatures, intervals, chords, chord progression, counterpoint, and musical form.

Textbook: Tonal Harmony, 7th Edition, Stefan Kostka, Dorothy Payne, & Byron Almen (Textbook only); ISBN-13: 978-0078025143

Note: No prior knowledge of music is necessary. We will begin with how to read music.

Course Number: MUS-40054
Credit: 2.00 unit(s)

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