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Many people walk around every day without an estate plan in place, either thinking they don’t have an “estate” [newsflash, you do] or not wanting to consider the possibilities until the unforeseen happens.  Most don’t know that if you do not have proper estate planning documents in place at your death or disability, the state or the court will decide matters for you.  Part of all successful money management and planning is having a secure estate plan that covers your property and anticipates the well-being of your children and heirs. This seminar will answer all your questions and put you on the path to creating an estate plan that you can control.  Topics include the basics of wills and trusts, creating Advance Directives for health care and financial matters, establishing guardianships for minor or special needs children, and how property is transferred at death.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Comprehend the basics of estate planning documents.
  • Understand the differences between having a Will and a Trust, the importance of creating an Advance Directive for Health Care, planning for the care of minor or special-needs children, executing a power of attorney for financial matters, and the transfer of property upon death.
  • Complete an Estate Planning Questionnaire

Course Number: BUSA-80024
Credit: 0.00 unit(s)