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C++ is a powerful programming language that can be used to develop operating systems, games and more. Practice applying basic coding concepts as you learn to read and write programs with C++.


We will start with an introduction to C++, including computer basics, operating systems and setting up an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Then we will compile and run our first program. Students will become familiar with basic programming concepts, including compilation, execution, flow control, functions, arrays, pointers, file I/O, structures and classes. No previous programming experience is required.

What You Will Learn


Students in Middle School: C++ Programming will:

  • Understand how to apply basic coding concepts as you read and write programs with C++.
  • Get an introduction to variables, expressions, assignments, console Input/Output, memory and arithmetic.
  • Gain an understanding of Boolean expressions, branching mechanisms and loops.
  • Learn about predefined functions, programmer-defined functions, scope rules, parameters and overloading.
  • Understand arrays, including creating and using dynamic arrays.
  • Become familiar with character manipulation tools, string Standard Class, I/O with strings, character I/O, file I/O and tools for stream I/O.
  • Get an introduction to structures and classes.
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Note: Upon successful enrollment of a section, students will receive a confirmation email from our Student Services team. This email will include a link to an authorization form that is required to be completed within 72-hours of enrollment.

Course Number: CSE-90126
Credit: 1.50 unit(s)