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This second online course in a series of three focuses on the vocabulary and communication associated with the skin, lymphatic/hematic, and urinary systems.  It is designed for non-native speakers of English in the medical and healthcare professions who need to use English for both work and professional studies.  Individuals who frequent healthcare facilities for personal or work-related reasons may also find this series useful.  Coursework includes language practice pertaining to anatomy and physiology, common pathologies, and role-plays in clinical settings.  The goals of this course are threefold:  The first is to build, develop and practice clinical terminology and vernacular descriptions related to the target medical specialites; the second is to analyze and practice effective and appropriate communication among healthcare providers and through the topics of common pathologies associated with the target medical specialties; and the third is to foster accurate pronunciation of all vocabulary items and communication activities in each module.
Note: These online Medical English courses can be taken in any order.

Course Number: LING-40121
Credit: 1.50 unit(s)

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