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Technologies are an important asset for any industry or academic organization. Proficient licensing knowledge is an integral part of being able to use such intellectual properties in order to drive commercialization. The Technology Licensing Workshop will focus on the practical skills required to conduct licensing, as well as provide a foundational knowledge of business development essentials that are used throughout institutes and companies alike. Coursework will feature everything from how to disclose inventions to intellectual property management and then delve deeper into topics surrounding the assessment of new inventions, market research, charting marketing summaries and contract drafting. Opportunities will include mock negotiation exercises and techniques that will detail methods to carry out successful due diligence practices.

We would also like to highlight our guest speaker: 
Ha Nguyen: Senior Director, Office of Technology Development, Salk Institute 
Ha brings extensive experience in technology transfer, licensing and business development, having worked in academia and industry to manage intellectual property portfolios and commercialize life science technologies.
Ha returns to the Salk Institute following 6 years at Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. (formerly Life Technologies Corp.), most recently as an Associate Director in licensing and business development. During her first tenure at the Salk Institute, Ha was a Senior Licensing Associate at the Office of Technology Development from 2011-2012 after moving from San Francisco where she was a licensing professional for many years at the UC San Francisco Office of Technology Management.

Working in research and subsequently becoming an attorney I was looking for ways to use my scientific and legal knowledge to further my career. I had always been interested in technology transfer and attended UCSD Extension's Technology Licensing Workshop in Summer 2016. Learning some of the Fundamentals, I was eventually able to land a position in the technology transfer office of a major university.  
Peter, Summer 2016
I’ve worked in research for over 10 years but I’ve always been interested in the business-side of science and intellectual property. The technology licensing workshop really demystified the in’s and out’s of licensing and the patent process. It was a fantastic segway into the business of science. Very informative; I learned so much.   
Katrina, Summer 2016

Other Credits: This seminar is approved by the State Bar of California for 8 hours (1 hour Ethics) of MCLE credit.

Note: The Technology Licensing Workshop is geared towards law and science professionals who are interested in the area of technology commercialization. Participants will leave with the resources and knowledge that will help in performing a robust licensing of technologies.

Course Number: LAW-80004
Credit: 0.00 unit(s)