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Maximize Your Performance on the MCAT Test


Effective preparation is crucial for a strong performance on the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test), the essential test required for entrance into medical school. Receive expert instruction on how to hone the critical thinking skills you need to succeed on the exam and in medical school, while also solidifying your knowledge in the biological, physical, and social sciences.
Lectures will provide concise summaries of major areas of MCAT content. Throughout the course, you will complete half-length sectional assessments to check your comprehension of Biology/Biochemistry, Chemistry/Physics, Psychology/Sociology, and Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills (CARS). Students will also focus on an extended case study, using discussion boards to practice applying the four core competencies of the MCAT: foundational undergraduate knowledge, critical thinking skills, evaluation of graphical representations of data, and design and execution of research.

What You Will Learn

  • Master study techniques that will allow you to improve your MCAT score by 4 points or more per month of focused effort.
  • Sharpen your critical evaluation of complex arguments through individual exercises and discussion boards.
  • Use MCAT-style questions to assess your expertise before and after lecture modules.
  • Get recommendations for supplemental readings to improve your performance on the CARS section of the exam.
  • The first 30 days will be focused on peer and professor engagement to master essential test prep, content, and performance skills to excel on the MCAT.  After this, a 30 day structured window of content acquisition and MCAT practice question step-by-step review will be open to students on a self-paced basis with instructor support.
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  • The textbook “MCAT Revolution” available exclusively on Amazon from Biological Sciences week forward (Week 2) corresponds at a one-to-one level with the quizzes on Canvas. Read Chapter 1 to complete Quiz 1, etc.
  • This is a 16-hour course. It includes two 3/4th length practice exams with detailed third party explanations. Five plus additional full length exams are advised to be purchased by the student which are included with the textbook, after which students will want to take all four AAMC official full length practice exams.  Any third party provider of full length practice exams is acceptable 
  • UC San Diego undergraduate students may be eligible to take this course for free through the Student Grant Program
  • Please contact with questions.
  • For a more intensive MCAT test preparation program, please visit reference the MCAT Personal Coaching Sessions.

Course Number: EDUC-90011
Credit: 0.00 unit(s)

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