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Gain an understanding of Adobe’s CC / Premiere video editing software. In this course, students will learn how Adobe Premiere works, understand the basic principles of shooting and editing digital video, learn media management techniques, and practice time-based storytelling principles. Audio editing, color correction, and some advanced techniques will be covered. Students enrolled in this course will use their new skills to complete three projects using Adobe Premiere. Projects include: narrative montage, commercial, and a documentary short. Students will be required to shoot original footage for the montage project and will have the option to work with provided content for the other two projects. In addition, this class examines the new frontier of online publishing for film and video narratives and explores editing and compression techniques for online distribution. Through group critiques students will develop an effective language for describing their work, providing constructive critiques to their peers and collaborators, and analyzing time-based media works.

Quarters Offered: Fall, Winter, Spring | Online
Course Fee: $495
Prerequisite: None
Contact: For more information about this course, please email the academic department at
Note: Students must be able to shoot video with HD quality files (HD quality cellphone, DSLR, or camcorder are all acceptable). Students must have access to a computer with Adobe Premiere/ Creative Cloud installed to complete this course. Please confirm the computer you wish to use to complete this course meets the System Requirements in order to operate Adobe Premiere:

Suggested Equipment*: Tripod, 256GB Minimum External Harddrive, Headphones

*This equipment is not required to complete this course but would be helpful to enrolled students

Course Number: ART-40675
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)