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When leadership opportunities arise, there isn’t necessarily a group of people who are ready to follow your lead. They must mobilize people around a vision and inspire them. This requires a variety of influencing approaches, including social and emotional. In this half-day workshop, attendees will learn how to develop an influencing plan and use effective techniques. You will then have the opportunity to practice these techniques and apply them to various scenarios.

Topics may include:

  • What is influence?
  • Organizational influence: Planning an influence strategy that persuades stakeholders
  • A model for influence: Building relationships to influence smoothly
  • Influence techniques: Applying different techniques based on the situation and stakeholder
  • Practice using influence techniques
  • Action planning


What Will You Earn

Upon completing this workshop, you will receive a verifiable digital credential. The digital credential may be shared on social media, in email signatures, or with colleagues and friends in order to recognize your achievement.

Course Number: WKSP-80027
Credit: 0.00 unit(s)