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This in-service training provides timely instructional support to UC San Diego Extension instructors who are either in their first quarter of teaching for UC San Diego Extension or who want to engage more deeply with their instructional practice while teaching new or familiar courses. The lessons in this course mimic a typical sequence of course delivery, from the first class meeting, to mid-term evaluation, to final assessments. All lessons will be available throughout the enrollment term, allowing individual instructors teaching any type of course schedule to access lesson content according to the scheduling of their courses ranging from the traditional 9-week course meeting 3 hours a week, to a 3-day boot camp starting and ending mid-quarter, to a one-day workshop offered near the end of a quarter. Each lesson will include elements of pedagogy, administrative items and reflection.

Note: Created (in SU16) by Director of Instructional Excellence as part of the Instructional Excellence Portfolio (intended for Extension Instructors)

Course Number: EDUC-80024
Credit: 0.00 unit(s)