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The study of the immune system and tests used to identify its disorders; and the practical application of immunological principles and methodologies to aid in the diagnosis of infections and autoimmune diseases.


  • Demonstrate accurate and precise skills in performance of immunological testing tasks and procedures.
  • Discuss the theories and principles of various analytical systems – such as , etc.
  • Perform accurate calculations used in preparation of test reagents and patient samples, and patient clinical results.
  • Recognize out of control results, abnormal and absurd patient results, instrument/system dysfunction.
  • For immunological based assays, identify the antigen/antibody or other substances involved and whether the assay detects antigen or antibody in the patient specimen.

Note: Not available for open enrollment at any time. Only available as part of the by-application closed-cohort CLS training program.

Course Number: PATH-40012
Credit: 2.00 unit(s)
Related Certificate Programs: Clinical Laboratory Scientist Training