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Ignite Student Interest in STEAM


Ignite Student Interest in STEAM for Elementary Educators (3-5) will provide participants with the opportunity to learn how to engage students in experiences that incorporate diverse role models from the science world into instruction and how these role models were able to overcome some of the many negative STEAM stereotypes. In addition, this course highlights proven instructional approaches and resources to help educators ignite student interest in STEAM topics and careers. By doing so, the course aligns with research that shows that giving students the opportunity to learn about STEAM careers and the diversity of individuals working in these fields inspires them and makes the study of science, technology, engineering, applied mathematics and art design more meaningful. This course focuses on educators for elementary school levels (3-5).  

What You Will Learn


Students in Ignite Student Interest in STEAM for Upper Elementary Educators (3-5) will:

  • Learn the crucial role educators play in shaping students’ attitudes and beliefs about science and science careers
  • Understand the research-based framework for igniting students’ interest in science careers (and Science!)
  • Focus on the Framework for igniting students’ interest in science careers (and Science!)
  • Realize the importance of embedding STEAM professionals and STEM careers into learning activities
  • Connect learning activities to STEAM and highlight STEM careers that incorporate knowledge, passion, and student interests
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Course Number: EDUC-40175
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)

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