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This Anatomy course includes an at-home dissection lab. You will request Science Interactive to ship you a lab kit with animal specimens for you to complete the lab at home. Please be sure to follow all safety procedures when handling animal specimens.
Human Anatomy learning is similar to learning a new language. There are (quite literally) hundreds, actually thousands, of new words introduced throughout this course. Upon gaining a basic understanding of the “lingo” of the body, one can guide themselves through the depths of the human body to better understand its organization, structures, and functions. At first this “new language” can seem somewhat overwhelming, but students soon realize that after grasping the basics and the roots of words (etymology), one begins to find similarities and can easily navigate anatomy manuals. Furthermore, a core component of the learning is to appreciate the different planes of the body, direction, and terms relating to motion (you may have heard of some of these, e.g. anterior/posterior, flexion/extension, superficial/deep, abduction/adduction, and others). Once students appreciate these terms, navigating lab instructions and dissection also becomes easier and students can become quite facile in their dissection techniques in a very short time! The goals of this course are to introduce students to the use of anatomical terminology, anatomical planes, and direction, provide in-depth instruction into the regions and systems of the human body.


Note: Purchasing Lab Kit:

All students need to purchase an at home lab kit for dissections.

Course Number: FPM-40684

Please note, the URL provided below is meant to be used to purchase the material early. In order to start accessing the labs however, all students need to wait until the course start date and access the HOL (the labs) through the Canvas course links. In order for the grading to appropriately sync up from HOL to Canvas, it is very important that students access the labs directly through the individual Canvas links, rather than logging into the website.

Course Number: FPM-40684
Credit: 6.00 unit(s)

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