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Learn about the capabilities of AI and machine learning and their applications.


Artificial intelligence (AI) has recently emerged to be a technology revolution that is able to provide benefits beyond traditional rules-based approaches. AI is able to overcome the complexities and optimize the performance of telecommunications networks, computer graphics, natural language and image processing systems, data science, and numerous applications. This course will provide students with the foundational knowledge on the basic building blocks of AI and naturally intelligent systems such as the global phenomenon called ChatGPT.

What You Will Learn


Students in High School: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT will:

  • Understand AI and machine learning, and their capabilities
  • Learn how content can be created and processed
  • Understand the capabilities of OpenAI's advanced language model
  • Learn how ChatGPT works
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Course Number: CSE-90190
Credit: 1.50 unit(s)

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