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From Mars to Microbes: High School Health on Another Level!


Imagine humans have successfully settled a colony on Mars. There would be necessary components to keep and sustain their health on this new and strange terrain. This includes how angiogenesis initiates the process of new blood and vessel growth. Students will witness how the human body can regenerate itself from wounds and also research immunity and what foods naturally boost the human immune system.

What You Will Learn


Students in High School: Holobionts in Space: Designing a Healthy Human from Scratch will:

  • Learn about angiogenesis and new blood vessel growth
  • Encounter how the human body regenerates itself like a starfish and can heal itself from wounds
  • Explore the human microbiome and which flora in the human gut are necessary for us to thrive
  • Learn about DNA protection and how the genetic code can repair itself including unique risk factors in a xenic (non-Earth) environment
  • Research immunity and what foods naturally boost the actions of the immune system
  • Discover the fascinating organelle known as mitochondria that grows and divides independently of our cells—though it exists within them

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Course Number: BIOL-90052
Credit: 1.50 unit(s)

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