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Create unique art, music, games, and robotics projects and bring them to life on your very own Microbit.


Have you ever wanted to dive deep into the world of computer programming to better understand how things work in our digital world? In this unique hands-on coding class, you will not only learn about coding, you will begin to master some of the most important concepts which you will then use to build your very own projects. This will include components such as programming LED’s, music, various sensors, and sounds to make your Micro bit pocket computers come to life! Additionally, there will be an optional course challenge where students make their own upcycled robot using a previously discarded electronic device.

What You Will Learn


Students in High School: Hands-on coding with the BBC Microbit will:

  • Discuss and apply various concepts from CS including loops, functions, and variable
  • Utilize their coding skills to program their very own Microbit Microcontroller
  • Demonstrate an understanding of multiple coding languages and their features
  • Create unique projects using their developed skills in coding
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Course Number: CSE-90173
Credit: 1.50 unit(s)