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Learn music basics for singing, strumming rhythms, and accompanying songs on ukulele. Learn to lead hands-on music with singing, collaborative songwriting, and strumming basic patterns and chords with your students in Open C Tuning (G-C-E-G). This class is for teachers and specialists with little to no musical experience. We start in Open Tuning at this level to ease your fingers into playing notes and chords. As you develop your hand- eye coordination, you will be ready to transition to playing in regular “Standard Tuning” (G-C-E-A) in a subsequent course. In Total Beginner - Ukulele, you’ll take time to acquire essential musical awareness and skills, and to sing, strum and play and lead your class in easy songs with three chords. This course does not cover guitar, but if you have taken our Total Beginner - Guitar course before, the hand shapes and strums will be familiar and easy to master. 


Course Prerequisite: None

Teachers and staff members providing educational and support services to students who take this class will learn to make foundational music in alignment with national and state standards for Academics and Music using percussion, voice and harmonizing instruments.
This class includes 8 instructional hours, with 2-4 field/home practice and/or classroom contact hours with students or children.
Skills taught in the course include healthy singing, songleading techniques and practice to build verbal and literacy skills, ukulele, songwriting lyrics for learning to drive academic and social-emotional content learning, musical activities and songs for behavior and classroom management, and differentiated instruction for specific learning styles. Instruments will be provided.

Course Number: EDUC-40352
Credit: 1.00 unit(s)